January 14, 2013

Fiduciary Services

Probate Conservatorships of Person, Estate or Both
We have a long history of providing quality services in all aspects of management of Conservatorships. In making medical, residential and care giving decisions we respect the individuality and dignity of our conservatees, honoring their expressed preferences to the highest degree possible. We support all beneficial relationships in the lives of those we protect. We are skilled in the management of estates, regardless of complexity, and in the maximization of income and benefits. We apply compassion, creativity, an extensive knowledge base and well-informed diligence to the performance of our statutory duties.

LPS Conservatorships of Person Only or Person and Estate Understanding of the frustrations suffered by individuals with mental illness and those who assist them is a key element of successful LPS conservatorship management. It is vitally important to assess needs correctly and utilize all available resources and expertise in order to protect and support LPS conservatees as they face their many challenges.
We have had significant experience with the initiation and management of LPS Conservatorships both in our current practice and from service at the supervisory level of the LPS program of the Los Angeles County Public Guardian. We are familiar with the structure of the LPS statute and how it is uniquely applied to each conservatee. We are accustomed to functioning within legal parameters while respecting the dignity and preserving remaining rights and freedoms of conservatees.

Guardianship of Minors’ Estate
A minor’s estate has special characteristics and a set date for termination. Generally, but not exclusively, the child suffers from some type of disability. Our primary goals in managing the estate of a minor are to utilize the child’s funds in a way which properly provides for non-basic needs during childhood, while simultaneously planning the estate’s investments in view of the child’s adult financial requirements.
When a professional fiduciary is appointed to manage a minor’s estate, it is necessary to develop productive communications with the child’s parents or guardian of the person. It is important for all parties to have a clear view of what the estate funds can and will be used for. We understand and respect the role and responsibilities of a child’s parents in fulfilling their basic support obligations and making appropriate medical and life decisions for their child.

Trustees of Court-Supervised and Private Trusts of All Types
We understand that each Trust is a separate and unique entity which serves as the Trustor’s estate plan. We consider it imperative to honor the stated or implied intentions of the Trustor as we carry out our duties. We adhere strictly to all statutory provisions regarding the management of trusts and the provision of accounting to those entitled to receive them. In our long history, we have managed numerous complex Trusts. We have encountered and successfully resolved challenges presented by the characteristics or condition of Trust assets as well as by conflicts between beneficiaries. This deep background of knowledge and skill allows us to work efficiently and effectively, even in a less than ideal environment.

Trustees of Special Needs Trusts
Management of Special Needs Trusts requires full, and continually updated, familiarity with public benefits systems and eligibility requirements. It is also important for the Trustee to have an understanding of key aspects of the beneficiary’s medical condition and specific care and treatment needs. In addition to direct public benefits, community- based resources may be available to enhance the beneficiary’s circumstances while requiring few or no expenditures from the Trust. We have experience and expertise in the maximization of use of all resources available in each particular situation.
In order to meet the goals of the Trust, we work cooperatively with the beneficiary directly, with appointed conservators, or others involved with the beneficiary’s care.

Executors or Administrators of Decedent Estates
We are available to serve as originally named Executors or appointed Administrators. We are aware of the need to manage decedent estates with a goal of correct and timely distribution. We have handled decedent estates with a variety of challenging aspects, including the emergency and continuing management of a complicated medical practice, sale or other handling of a large number of valuable horses, real estate in all types of condition and located in a number of other counties, environmental cleanup, earthquake insurance claim negotiations, severe tax issues, and cases in which intense litigation was occurring. Our many years of practice and experience have equipped us to address virtually any challenge that a decedent estate could offer.