December 27, 2012


As one of the oldest and largest professional fiduciary firms in the state, we have always felt it important to share our experience and perspective with others in our own or related fields. As the following summary illustrates, we have participated in a variety of endeavors which have benefited protected persons, the probate community and the general public.

  • Among the oldest and largest professional fiduciary firms in California
  • Established Standards of Performance; drafted original Code of Ethics for Professional Conservators which was adopted by Professional Fiduciary Association of California
  • Charter Members of Professional Fiduciary Association of California, with special service on Board of Directors, Legislative and Ethics committees
  • Founding Members of Professional Conservators of Southern California
  • Multi-year membership on California Judicial Council Probate and Mental Health Advisory Committee
  • Sole non-attorney member of California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Probate Specialist Subcommittee; participated in drafting of Probate Specialist Examination for Attorneys
  • Co-Drafter of California Licensed Professional Fiduciary Examination developed by Center for Guardianship Certification and adopted by State of California
  • Co-Author of mandatory California Handbook for Conservators
  • Service on California Senate Subcommittee on Aging Conservatorship Work Group; participated in drafting Probate Code sections to benefit and protect Conservatees
  • Faculty of Judges Training Institute on Conservatorships, Monterey
  • Member of Ad Hoc Committee of Los Angeles Superior Court and Beverly Hills Bar
  • Presenter at numerous local seminars and in-service training for ombudsmen, social workers and other elder assistance providers; speaker before local bar sections; ongoing resource and information source for professionals and community