January 14, 2013

Concierge Client Services

In addition to our range of fiduciary services, we offer contractual services designed to maintain client independence or to assist with the transition from conservatorship to a more independent manner of living.

Our services include an initial consultation and assessment and a subsequent written care outline.

We provide customized practical short-term and long-term assistance and guidance to persons such as:

  • Former Probate Conservatees who are making the transition to self-management.
  • Trust beneficiaries or other persons who do not require conservatorship of person but nonetheless would benefit from private individualized services in various aspects of their daily lives, such as recovering after loss of a spouse or other support system, or the need to adjust to new physical, medical or self-care limitations.
  • Former LPS Conservatees who are re-entering  independent life

Benefits of Concierge Client Services

The Client retains all individual rights and freedom, with the support of a flexible plan designed to provide professional support where needed and to prevent decline or relapses, which could threaten personal or legal independence.

The Client’s personal preferences and desires are respected through the creativity of the expertly developed individualized service plan.

Our Services Include


Individual consultation in the Client’s living environment with the proposed Client and other involved persons. At that time a full evaluation is done of the Client’s needs and preferences, as well as review of specific concerns regarding physical, social, emotional, medical and cognitive functioning, personal expense budgetingand other practical areas.

Plan Development

We work with the client and the Client’s financially responsible party to develop an individualized, realistic plan of services, which will address needs and provide the best available quality of life for the Client.

Monitoring and Supervision 

In addition to one-to-one visitation with the Client, we provide telephonic monitoring of the care plan by communicating with the Client’s physician, any other medical service provider, and other involved professionals, agencies and individuals. If the Client’s circumstances change, we will ensure that the care plan is revised to address the Client’s current needs.

Financial Arrangements

We generally work with clients whose financial affairs are managed by trustees, estate conservators or a private payor.  Our contract arrangements are made with the financially responsible party.

For further information, or to discuss a referral, please contact Shoushan Movsesian.  She can be reached at (818) 543-1150 or you may send an e-mail to Shoushan@mmfiduciaries.com